Because our business focus is based upon hot tub repairs and maintainance, we don't have a hot tub showroom, but what we do have is a good working relationship with several hot tub manufacturers and we are able to supply brand new hot tubs. In addition to this, we have relatively low business overheads, so unlike dealers with big posh showrooms that have to rely on new hot tub sales, we can quite happily remain in business even through the toughest recession and we are here for the long-term. This is great news for our customers as it gives you a greater choice of hot tubs, coupled with our in-depth technical knowledge on hot tubs, the knowledge that you're dealing with a local reliable business, we can hopefully find you a reliable hot tub that offers exactly what you need and at a reasonable price.


If you are currently in the market for a new hot tub then please give us a try, simply tell us which hot tubs you like and we will do our best to offer you a good deal on something the same or very similar.





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